Hisense R50B7120UK Review

Hisense R50B7120UK

Hisense is known for offering some of the best value 4K TVs on the market. The company has now brought its team up with Roku to the UK, offering a more well-rounded experience. Is the Hisense R50B7120UK worth your cash?

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What we love – Pleasing picture, surprising sound and delightful Roku integration

While you won’t find the punchiness and accurary of OLED at this pleasing £379 price, the Hisense still delivers strong 4K performance. Using Direct LED tech, you get a strong level of detail as well as decent HDR (via HDR10 and HLG). Despite a lack of more premium technology, the detail on offer still leads to natural images – from gaming to movies.

Sound that comes directly from TVs has had a bit of a stepchange of late, especially at the high-end. Previously, the audio on low-end TVs would leave you leaping for a sound bar sharpish. However, the Hisense R50B7120UK offers up a nice surprise.

It may be far from surround sound quality but the DTS Studio Sound on this TV offers surprisingly big sound alongside a decent level of detail in all scenarios and smooth dialogue.

The main appeal of this TV is its Roku TV integration. You can grab the non-Roku version of this TV if it isn’t your bag – the Hisense B7100. However, we think the Roku add-on is worth your cash. Roku OS will be familiar to you if you’ve used any Roku hardware before – if you haven’t, it’s easy-to-use if a tad outdated.

You get easy access to all your favorite streaming services – even including Apple TV – then, with this TV, your inputs and live TV is all integrated into the same menu system. Roku offers a great search function to help you find content across all of your apps and the Roku-styled remote for this TV – with some dedicated buttons for streaming services – is a time-saving dream.

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What we don’t like – Average HDR and below average viewing angles

Hisense R50B7120UK offers HDR at a really low price but, unfortunately, that means the HDR you’re getting is far below the experience you get from more high-end TVs. The lack of brightness greatly reduces the effectiveness of the HDR and, as such, you won’t find HDR10+ here.

Unlike OLEDs, the Hisense DLED panel underperforms when it comes to viewing angles. You’ll be fine if you have a set spot in front of your TV, however, in a larger room with many seating positions, you’ll find saturation dropping off as you move away from the centre.


The Hisense R50B7120UK continues the company’s run of offering one of the most wallet-friendly 4K experiences around. The price means many premium features are lacking and viewing angles are a bit of a let down. However, the Hisense gets a Roku-flavoured boost to soothe those woes – providing an accessible and sleek operating system.

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