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How can I watch Frozen?

Frozen will soon become a Christmas classic, but until terrestrial TV starts showing it every Christmas Day morning, you can catch up with Elsa and co. via different means.

The box office hit follows Elsa, Princess of Arendelle, who has the gift of producing ice, frost and snow whenever she likes. However, despite possessing such a fortunate gift, things turn a little sour when she accidentally injures her little sister Princess Anna.

The Princess’ parents bring onboard a troll to make Anna forget about Elsa, who returns to her room and hides in order to protect her sister from more danger.

DVD isn’t the only way to watch Frozen this Christmas

When the King and Queen die in a storm, it’s Elsa’s turn to become queen. At the coronation, her sister becomes engaged to a chap named Prince Hans, much to Elsa’s disagreement. In anger, she freezes the land of Arendelle and flees.

The rest of the tale follows Anna as she tries to find her sister along with Kristoff, his reindeer Sven and the snowman Olaf. They find Elsa, but the young queen then accidentally hits Anna with another snow spell, which freezes her heart.

Anna must then find true love before she is consumed by the cold.

BT On Demand

If you’re a BT customer, you can watch Frozen on BT On Demand. In fact, you’re not just limited to the bog-standard version, but you can watch the special sing-along version, because let’s face it, any child knows all the words, so why not encourage your kids to interact rather than just watch?

The Frozen Sing-Along Edition doesn’t come for free though. You’ll have to shell out a rather hefty £17.49 for the HD version or £12.99 for the standard definition.

To download Frozen Sing-Along Edition, head to the BT Player within the On Demand services and press the search button on your YouView remote, then type in Frozen and up it’ll pop.

TalkTalk Box Office

Frozen has been available on TalkTalk’s Box Office service since April and the service means you can rent films including the icy tales of Elsa for 48 hours at a time.

Frozen costs from £2.50 to rent, just like all the other films on the service, with the charge added to your monthly bill.

To access Frozen from your TalkTalk box, press the TalkTalk button on your remote control, navigate to the films section, find Frozen in the listings and choose your rental option. You’ll need to enter your PIN in order to purchase, but once that’s done, you’re ready to start watching.

Sky Movies

Frozen will be launched on Sky Movies on Christmas Day, meaning you can switch it on when the littluns rise stupidly early, giving you the luxury of a few more hours in bed.

If you’re a Sky subscriber, you’ll be able to watch it for free, making for a very happy start to Christmas indeed.


If you have an iDevice – whether Mac, iPod, iPhone or iPad, you can download Frozen from the iTunes store to watch at your leisure for £9.99 if you’re happy with standard definition or £13.99 for the HD version.

Apple has decided to pack some extras into the download, so with iTunes Extras, you can also access The Making of Frozen that explains how the film was made, going back 75 years to when Walt Disney decided he wanted to make a movie about a snow queen.

Amazon Prime Instant Video

Frozen is available on Amazon Prime Instant Video for either £11.99 for the HD version or £9.99 if you’re happy with standard definition.

You can get Amazon Prime on a range of devices for £79 a year with free shipping for anything you buy with the retailer, or £5.99/month if you’d rather just get a rolling monthly subscription for Instant Video.

You can then buy Frozen online via Amazon so it’s available through all the devices you have the Amazon Prime Instant Video installed on (it includes Xbox Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, Xbox One, 360, PS3 and PS4, Wii and Wii U and LG, Samsung and Sony smart TVs, Blu-Ray players and cinema systems)

BlinkBox and Ultraviolet

Frozen is available from Tesco’s Blinkbox streaming service for £13.99 if you want it in HD, or £9.99 for standard definition.

When you’ve bought the movie using your Blinkbox account, you can watch it on up to five different devices, including PC, Mac, iPad, Android tablets, Windows tablets, Xbox, PS3, Chromecast, smart TVs, set-top boxes and Blu-ray players.

If you’ve already bought the Blu-Ray of Frozen, you can now add it to your Ultraviolet locker too, which you can link to your Blinkbox account for online watching at any time.


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