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How to control EE TV with Alexa voice commands

Amazon’s Alexa AI has come to the EE TV streaming set-top box, bringing voice commands and some helpful features for users. Here’s how to use Alexa on the EE TV.

TV remote controls are now seriously outdated, well after first appearing in our homes in the fifties.

Of course lots of smart TVs and streaming boxes have tried voice control in the past, with the likes of Sky Q recently adding voice search as an alternative to using your fingers. However, this rarely seems to work well enough to replace the faithful old clicker entirely.

Until now that is, as Amazon’s Alexa AI has just arrived on the scene by blasting onto the EE TV streamer, meaning that death of the remote control could finally be imminent.

Here’s how to control your home TV setup with your voice alone if you’re an EE TV owner, using the power of Alexa.

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What is EE TV and Alexa?

EE TV is a set top box service provided for users of freeview TV, courtesy of the UK mobile provider. This allows you to watch live freeview of over 70 channels and also gives you the option to pause, rewind and record shows. More than that though, EE TV also allows you to watch catch-up TV services via your internet connection.

This streaming box is generally sold with broadband and phone line deals from EE, as you might expect.

Amazon’s Alexa is an artificially intelligent assistant that responds to vocal commands to carry out tasks. The Alexa AI comes built into the Amazon Echo speaker and smaller Dot voice recognition devices too and connects to your home Wi-Fi network, which gives it an internet pass in order to offer information on demand. Alexa also allows you to voice control lights, heating, music and other smart home devices – and that now includes EE TV.

How do I get Alexa control on EE TV?

Alexa isn’t built directly into the EE TV box itself, sadly. That’s mostly because the streamer doesn’t come with the microphones needed to listen to commands. Besides, chances are your telly streaming box is tucked away in a TV cabinet unit anyway, making voice control a little tricky.

Instead, you can access Alexa via an Amazon Echo or Dot speaker. You speak to your Echo after waking it with the ‘Alexa’ command, issuing a command as usual. Alexa then does what you ask on the EE TV, accessing the set-top box via your home WiFi network.

To enable the Alexa control on your EE TV, simply set the device up using the Alexa app on your phone or tablet. You can download this app right now for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, using Apple’s App Store or Google Play.

What can Alexa do on EE TV?

Alexa voice controls allow you to ditch the remote and still retain full control the EE TV, sort of. That means if you want to find out what’s on you don’t need to lift a finger or dig around for the remote, simply say “Alexa, ask EE TV what’s on tonight”.

Alexa will then respond with three recommendations straight from the Freeview Picks choices that day. Or if you want to ask about a specific channel, that’s an option for show hunting too.

Alexa also lets EE TV users set shows to record, ideal if you’re heading out the door in a hurry.

At this early stage it sounds like that’s your lot, sadly, so no pausing TV with your voice just yet. Hopefully further functionality will be added over time.

When is Alexa available on EE TV?

EE says that if you’re all updated across your devices, you should be able to start using your Amazon Echo or Dot to control EE TV with your voice right away. Simply open the Alexa app and enable the service to get started.


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