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How to stream live TV with Plex via Android, iPhone, PC and more

How can I stream live TV on Plex? Here’s our complete explainer guide on how to enjoy real-time telly via the streaming app, using Android phones or tablets, iPhones, Apple TV and other devices, complete with the ability to pause, rewind and record live shows.

Plex is frankly the only way to enjoy media streaming in your home. Forget using cables and memory sticks to get movies and shows off of your laptop, phone or tablet and on to your big screen TV. Plex will allow you to beam any video content to your telly with minimal effort, providing you have compatible devices of course.

And at last Plex has evolved to offer a way to watch live TV from all kinds of different gadgets. This latest update lets you stream live content on your Android phone or tablet, iOS device, Apple TV and plenty more besides, which is great news if you want to enjoy your favourite shows on the move or your telly signal is a bit pants. You can even enjoy premium features like rewinding programs, pausing them while you grab a cheeky snack or recording them to watch offline on your phone.

What is Plex and how does it stream live TV?

Plex is a media server that uses your local Wi-Fi network to stream video, music and picture content from one device to another. So if you want to watch a movie on your TV after downloading to your laptop, Plex makes it easy and wire-free.

The latest update to live TV adds Android mobiles and Apple TV to the list of compatible devices that already includes iPhone, Android TV and the Plex web app. This uses a DVR tuner to beam live content to your eyes, which means it differs to services such as TVPlayer, which use your internet connection instead.

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Plex is now a fully functional Digital Video Recorder (DVR) too, which lets you take recorded TV wherever you go. That means you can pause live TV and skip backwards and forwards, as well as record whatever you’re watching. You can also sync a recorded show to your Android device or iPhone before heading out. Then when you get on a plane or train, minus your network connection, you can watch the recorded show on your mobile device.

How do I stream live TV with Plex?

First, you’ll need to make sure you have a Plex Pass to watch live TV. This is a premium service, so you’ll need to pay out £3.99 per month (or £31.99 for the year if you pay up front – saving you 33 percent on the overall cost).

Next up you’ll need a DVR tuner and an antenna. You can find a list of compatible DVR tuners and antennas on the Plex guide.

Once you’ve got live TV coming over the air to your device, whatever that may be, you can use Plex to control it all – including recording. That will store the video to your device’s local storage, so you’re only limited by whatever space you have remaining. Sync to your mobile device and then you’re good to go and watch your content anywhere.

How to cast live TV to your television from phones, laptops and tablets using Plex

What happens if you’re in a hotel with a nice big TV, but the video you want to watch is on your phone or laptop? That’s when it’s time to stream using Plex.

As long as you can get on the local Wi-Fi with your device, you’re halfway there. Then you’ll either need to have the Plex app installed on the television (due soon at time of publishing), or use a smart TV device like an Apple TV, to get the TV connected to your handset. Then it’s as easy as selecting the video on your device and flinging it to the TV.

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What devices support Plex Live TV?

Plex already offers Live TV and DVR support to iOS devices, Apple TV, Android and Android TV. The Plex web app also offers DVR, but not the live TV function.

Plex has announced that you can expect updates to roll out soon for Roku, Fire TV and Smart TVs.

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