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How to watch Elf this Christmas: Sky Movies, Now TV and nowhere else

Sky caused a real stir in the run up to Christmas 2013 when it was announced that Elf wouldn’t be broadcast on Channel 4. 

Apparently this was a big deal. This writer has never seen Elf, or Love Actually for that matter, and so does’t get the fuss. 

For those of you who simply can’t begin to feel seasonal until you’ve seen Hollywood’s leading Chad Smith lookalike put on his Christmas finery, here’s how you can avoid the heartache and get your Elf on. 

How to watch Elf this Christmas: Sky Movies, Now TV and nowhere else
If you’re facing a Ferrell-free Christmas, fear not – you can still watch it for free. Sort of.

The good news is that Elf is being shown on British TV again this year. The bad news is that it’s not being shown on free-to-air TV. 

Sky has exclusive rights to Elf and will be showing it on Sky Family and Sky Family HD on Saturday November 29. It’ll also be shown throughout the Christmas period on channels like Sky Comedy and the seasonal Sky Christmas. 

Sky Movies available on every UK pay TV platform – Sky TV, Virgin TV, BT TV and TalkTalk TV. 

Sky Movies costs an extra £16.50/month on top of any Sky TV bundle and gives you access to all 11 Sky Movies channels. 

To get Sky Movies in HD you’ll need to take the Family Bundle (£33/month) and the HD Pack (£5.25/month). 

Virgin TV customers can get one of two Sky Movies packs – both of which include Sky Movies Comedy – for £14.50/month each or the Sky Movies Collection, which gives you everything for £19.50/month. To get Sky Movies in HD on Virgin TV you’ll need to pay an extra £7/month. 

BT TV customers with an ADSL BT broadband connection can get Sky Movies on demand for £16/month. If you take BT TV with a BT Infinity FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) service you get get all 11 Sky Movies channels plus acces to the on demand library for £16/month. 

TalkTalk TV offers customers access to all of the Sky Movies channels live and on demand for £15/month extra. 

If you happen to miss any of the multiple showings of Elf on Sky Movies, you can always watch the show whenever you want through Sky On Demand. 

If you don’t have pay TV then you’re not totally Elf-less. Elf isn’t on Netflix and it’s not on Amazon Prime or Instant Video either. It’s not on Blinkbox. It’s not on 

It is however…

How to watch Elf this Christmas: Sky Movies, Now TV and nowhere else
Last Vegas, I gave you my heart.

Watch Elf on Now TV 

…available on Now TV. 

Now TV is Sky’s on-demand service aimed at non-Sky TV subscribers. This means if you don’t have or can’t get pay TV, you can still get your Elf on. 

Now TV’s Movies passes cost £9.99/month, but new customers who sign up can enjoy the first 30 days for free. Which means if you sign up now, Elf is yours for free. 

You’re not obliged to stick around and can cancel before that free trial expires. 

Vodafone is also currently offering 4G Pay Monthly customers three months of Now TV Movies for nowt. This of course means you can get Elf plus a load of other things, like the next season of Game of Thrones, for free as well. 

How to watch Elf this Christmas: Sky Movies, Now TV and nowhere else
Did you know that most 10+ year old movies are available to buy on DVD?

Buy Elf used and new on Amazon

If you can’t get it on Prime Instant Video, why not just buy it on Amazon? Put that £79/year Prime subscription to good use and get Elf on DVD and Blu-ray now for around £3 and £7.  


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