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Hyperoptic gigabit fibre broadband network reaches 20,000 customers

Hyperoptic, the London-based ISP that offers gigabit fibre broadband, has connected 20,000 customers to its superfast network. 

Customers across the capital can pick from a range of broadband services including 20Mbps, 100Mbps and 1Gbps download and upload speeds. Unlimited downloads and no traffic shaping come as standard. 

While not every customer on the network is taking the top-tier 1Gbps service, the 20,000 Londoners can at least get access to it should they need it. It’s all about future proofing connections or ‘future essential,’ as Hyperoptic says. 

Hyperoptic gigabit fibre broadband network reaches 20,000 customers
The Feeding of the 20,000 – Hyperoptic connects more Londoners to future-proof broadband

Hyperoptic is happy that it’s achieved what it set out to do. Last October, we heard of Hyperoptic’s plans to double its then-footprint of 10,000 in the short term as well as getting half a million homes covered by the 1Gbps footprint within the next five years. 

Last year we went over to Hyperoptic’s HQ to see what a 1Gbps broadband speed test was actually like. To say it was pretty darn fast would be an understatement – in fact it was too fast for the hardware in the office to actually register 1Gbps download speeds. 

While only London is served by Hyperoptic’s gigabit broadband right now, we’ve been told that there’s plans to roll out FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) connections in a second UK city and a TV service is being trialled right now. 


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