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Netflix for Nollywood: Lebara Play launches in the UK

Lebara Play has launched in the UK, bringing a range of international content to mobile devices. 

The self-styled ‘universal brand for the world’s migrant community’ Lebara brings English and French West African, Turkish and Tamil content to the table from a number of providers through its new Netflix-inspired service. 

Names like Sun TV, KTV, Nollywood TV, ATV Avrupa and the African Movie Channel are on-board from the get-go, Lebara Play’s CEO Aditya Thakur hopes to add more content soon. 

Thakur said: “We’ve built relationships with some of the leading content companies worldwide, and in the coming months we’ll be announcing further deals to deliver customers even more of the TV and movies they love in their own language. 

“Lebara Play provides a huge range of content – blending the best of video on demand movies and live TV programming – with a simple and intuitive user experience, at a competitive price.” 

Lebara hopes to expand its offering to provide content in 13 languages including Romanian, Polish and Hindi by the end of the year. 

Starting at £9.99/month, you can access Lebara Play now on your Android phone or tablet now or online via Windows and Mac versions of Chrome, Firefox and Opera as well as IE and Safari. 

An iOS edition (iOS 7 or higher) is due to materialise in the App Store soon. A Lebara Play set-top box will also be available soon for £149. While that might seem like a big ask, you also get a year’s subscription included with that. You also have the option of paying for a year’s subscription up front for the price of ten. 

You can register a maximum of three device per Lebara Play account, so if you were dead set on watching this on your TV as well as through your phone, it might be a good idea to pay for a box and get that first year for free. 

Much of the African content available from Lebara is also available via TalkTalk TV’s African TV Boost, which costs £10/month. TalkTalk TV also lets expat customers add extra Arabic, Afrikaans, Brazilian, Japanese and Indian channels. 


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