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LG Curved OLED TV lands in the UK

LG has announced that its curved OLED TV is now available to buy in the UK — for a mere £8000. 

The TV was previewed at this year’s CES show in Las Vegas in January. The curve of the TV means that viewers should get a good viewing angle wherever they are in the room. 

The telly uses “WRGB” (4-colour pixel) technology and is just 4.5mm thick and virtually bezel-free. The OLED display is a Full HD 1080p resolution (instead of 4K). The manufacturers claim that the picture quality is “practically indiscernible from colours found in nature.” 

LG Curved OLED TV lands in the UK
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“As pioneers of the World’s first and leading Large Screen OLED Technology, we are excited to launch and bring our unique and immersive, Curved Screen Design to consumers here in the UK this Autumn” said Andy Mackay, commercial director at LG UK. 

The LG 55EA980W model features full Cinema 3D support as well as Smart TV functionality. The LG Curved OLED 55EA980W will officially launch this week and will be available for £7,999. 

Earlier this month at the IFA show in Berlin, Germany, LG demonstrated its 77-inch curved OLED Ultra HD 3D display. The TV is currently the largest 4K OLED TV in the world, according to LG. At present, there is no word on went the set will be launched in the UK. 



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