LG OLED55CX Review


LG OLED55CX keeps up the manufacturer’s stellar rep of making stunning high-end TVs. This more modestly sized model provides excellent 4K capabilities combined with a range of internal smarts to make the most out of your experience.

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What we love – Gorgeous screen, stylish design and dripping with features

You wouldn’t expect anything less from an LG OLED but we are happy to report that this 55-incher offers a glorious viewing experience. The range of colours is simply phenomenal while the contrast is equally remarkable. The LG doesn’t overplay its hand either, with a focus of natural yet eye-catching images.

The design is something to marvel at, especially giving the quality tech that’s packed inside. The necessary chunk of the LG OLED55CX is hidden behind the display in a neat stand, that also acts as a counter weight for the large panel. The stand enables the display to go for a minimalist look, meaning that – from most angles – the LG OLED graces your living room with its streamlined presence.

The LG OLED55CX is feature-rich too, alongside looking great – particularly when it comes to gaming. The panel offers Nvidia G-Sync (for avoiding screen flickering) and meets the HDR Gaming Interest Group’s standard for providing strong HDR gaming performance. You get wide support for HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision. While 4K/120fps is available over all four HDMI 2.1 ports that this TV provides.

Filmmaker Mode is onboard for providing you with a true sense of a director’s filmic vision if you so choose. Dolby also brings Vision IQ to the LG, monitoring your room’s lighting setup to adjust the brightness, colour and contrast of the display accordingly.

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What we don’t like – May be missing your favourite app and not a big step up

For fans of catching up on all your fave UK TV shows, LG has missed a trick here. The LG OLED55CX is lacking ITV Hub, My5 and All 4 – it’s quite the loss, with the full series of The West Wing just added to the latter. Thankfully, BBC iPlayer was recently added.

While the CX line is great in its own right, the range isn’t actually that much of a step up from the previous LG C9 set of TVs. You won’t be at all disappointed if you pick a CX up but, if you have a C9 already, there’s little reason to upgrade.


Gaming fans, the LG OLED55CX could be the perfect TV for your next-gen console. Gamer or not, you’ll get a visual feast for the eyes, all enhanced by impressive modern features. The LG is far from a stain on your living room layout either, with a minimalist and sleek design.

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