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Metronet announces city-wide broadband coverage of Manchester

Folk of Manchester, consider yourselves well served for broadband – if the rediscovery of The Loop beneath Mancunian pavements wasn’t enough, Metronet goes and announces ubiquitous coverage across the entire Greater Manchester region, thanks to a combination of fibre and up to 10Gbps wireless broadband services.

Metronet announces city-wide broadband coverage of Manchester

It should be noted that Metronet’s city-spanning network is only for business broadband solutions at the moment. So while this is great news for your boss it might not exactly be great news for you, unless you’re working for a web-based start up in which case fast connectivity is essential.

Currently Metronet supplies more than 20 per cent of Manchester’s top 500 businesses with broadband services including cloud storage, VoIP and CCTV solutions alongside internet connections.

Metronet aims to expand operations in Birmingham, Crewe, Leeds and Liverpool as well as along the M6 and M62 corridors, mirroring what it’s achieved in Manchester.

As well as this, Manchester is poised to get a rash of new Freeview channels that would compliment the launch of another channel 8 Local TV station – if funded is ever approved.

Citizens and businesses of Manchester – never say you’ve not been well catered for digitally.


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