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Netflix and Amazon 4K content headed to Panasonic smart TVs

Panasonic is hoping to answer the oft-repeated question of ‘What can I watch in 4K?’ with news that its working with both Netflix and Amazon to bring 4K content to its smart TVs. 

The manufacturer is working with Netflix to bring 4K Ultra HD content including Breaking Bad, House of Cards and Orange is the New Black to Panasonic TV sets from the recently announced AX902 range.   

Earlier 4K sets from Panasonic’s AX800 range will also be able to stream Netflix content in 4K after a firmware update rolls out. 

'Why can't we watch Orange is the New Black in 4K honey?' 'Because we don't have superfast broadband. Because the government hates us.'
‘Why can’t we watch Orange is the New Black in 4K honey?’ ‘Because we don’t have superfast broadband. Because the government hates us.’

Panasonic’s latest flagship range of 4K TVs promise extra 4K bells and whistles in the form of support for 4K video up to 60fps and an H.265 (HEVC) decoder that can play back 4K video content from a wide number of sources. 

There’s no word yet on whether Panasonic’s huge 85-inch X940 4K TV will be able to access Netflix and Amazon 4K streams. Given the premium nature of the product it’s safe to assume so. 

No matter how deep your wallet it’s worth keeping in mind that if your broadband connection isn’t up to it, you won’t be able to watch anything in 4K. You’ll need at least 20Mbps of continuous bandwidth if you want to watch any 4K content online without interruptions. 


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