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Netflix bundled with new BT TV and Infinity superfast broadband deal

BT has taken the wraps off its latest deal, one that combines Netflix, BT Infinity and BT TV in one bundle. 

The offer includes the just-announced new YouView box, the entry-level BT Infinity package (up to 38Mbps download speeds, 20GB data cap) and access to Netflix, all for £5.99/month for the first six months. 

Line rental (£16.99/month) isn’t included in the deal and after six months the regular price of BT Infinity 1, £15/month, will apply. This will see you paying £20.99/month for the remaining 12 months of the 18 month deal. 

Get flicks: BT’s latest bundle deal blends Netflix with FTTC-based Infinity broadband

Delia Bushell, Managing Director of BT TV & BT Sport said: “Our new package will give customers even more unmissable content. 

“Customers will be able to enjoy must-see Netflix shows and original series like Orange is the New Black and Marco Polo, free BT Sport with live Barclays Premier League, the latest movies to rent or own from BT Box Office, and more Freeview catch-up than Sky. We’re delighted to be offering our customers a wide range of must-see content at a great value price and with the convenience of a single bill.”

Arriving next month, Marco Polo is Netflix’s latest piece of exclusive content, joining the likes of House of Cards, the resurrected US remake of The Killing and from next year The Green Legend, the sequel to Ang Lee’s Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

By ‘more Freeview catch-up than Sky’ Bushell is presumably referring to the availability of content from Really, Yesterday and Quest, which . Programmes from these UK TV channels are not currently available from Sky’s on demand library, which includes content from Gold and Watch, which aren’t available on YouView, as well as Dave (which is) along with catch-up content from the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5.

Including the standard rate of line rental, the cost of BT’s Netflix bundle over the first six months works out at £22.98. From the seventh month onwards, the cost climbs to £37.98/month. 

Alternatively, customers have the option of paying for a year’s worth of line rental up front. BT’s line rental saver deal costs £169.90, which is equivalent to paying £14.15/month instead. This bundle is only available to new BT customers – existing customers can sign up for BT TV and access Netflix through the YouView app as normal. 

Netflix currently costs £6.99/month for new customers. Existing customers continue to enjoying the original £5.99 monthly rate. Netflix on YouView is currently only available to BT TV customers and those who’ve bought Humax YouView boxes off the shelves. TalkTalk TV subscribers and folk with Huawei boxes won’t be able to access Netflix until next year. 


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