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Netflix makes Super HD streams available to all

Netflix has announced that its high quality Super HD stream is now available to everyone. 

Super HD is not a higher resolution than Full HD 1080p, but instead promises lower compression which should result in less artifacting and picture loss. 

Launched back in January, Super HD was initially only available through ISPs which had a direct connection to Netflix’s servers. 

Netflix makes Super HD streams available to all
Super HD for all, provided your broadband is good enough

Read Recombu Digital’s guide to NetflixIn response to demand, Netflix has decided to expand availability to all of its customers. Any Netflix subscriber with a fast enough connection to enjoy HD content can now enjoy the benefits of Super HD. 

You’ll need download speeds of 5Mbps to watch HD content on Netflix and speeds of 7Mbps to enjoy the benefits of Super HD. 

Joris Evers, director of corporate communications at Netflix, says that even though Super HD is now available for all, only ISPs that are part of Netflix’s Open Connect platform will be able to guarantee the best quality. Evers says: 

“Netflix uses adaptive streaming to dynamically adjust the video quality based on the available bandwidth. This means that the ability to receive Super HD depends on broadband quality and performance. Netflix members who subscribe to an ISP with a direct Netflix connection will get the best experience.” 

In the UK, BT and Virgin Media have signed up to Netflix Open Connect and both ISPs have been rated highly for quality by Netflix, with Virgin Media consistently coming out on top


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