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Netflix to reboot Danger Mouse and Inspector Gadget

Netflix has announced plans to reboot everyone’s childhood, with new series’ of Danger Mouse and Inspector Gadget headed our way.  

Everyone’s favourite rodent spy will be making his return next spring for a full new series, with British comedians Alexander Armstrong and Kevin Eldon tipped to play the white wonder and his sidekick Penfold, with Stephen Fry voicing the secret agent’s boss, Colonel K.

The company also confirmed that it has ordered a brand new 26-episode series of Inspector Gadget, which is due to launch in the US next month.

The series will see the flashing mac-wearing bionic spy taking the fight to Dr. Claw once again, with the help of his super-smart niece, Penny, and her dog, Brain who, 30 years on, must be more machine than mutt. After it’s finished it’s US run in March, the inspector is set to call on other Netflix regions around the world; note that no UK date has been confirmed yet. 

New shows Some Assembly Required and Bottersnikes & Gumbles will also be hitting Netflix this summer and next spring respectively. 

The live action Some Assembly Required follows the exploits of 14-year old inventor Jarvis Raines. Currently being shown in Canada on YTV. It’s due to premiere in all other Netflix regions later.

Bottersnikes & Gumbles is a CGI series based on the children’s books by S.A. Wakefield. Co-commissioned by Netflix, BBC and Channel 7 Australia, the 13-episode series will arrive on Netflix around the world in 2016, landing on Netflix UK and Australia later. 

Netflix has also signed deals with Dreamworks which will see them bring over 300 hours of original kids’ shows , including Turbo F.A.S.T., Puss In Boots, Dragons and DinoTrux. All of the studio’s feature films were also made available on the service as part of the agreement.

With this recent interest if 80’s cartoon fun, we’re now wondering to whom we’d have to write to plead the case for a reboot of The Mysterious Cities of Gold. Answers on a postcard (or in the comments) please.


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