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Nintendo Switch Review

The Nintendo Switch is the hybrid console from the Japanese gaming giant that works both as a home console and a handheld device. Is it just a jack of all trades, or a must-have multi-tasker?

What we love — Excellent versatility, with a great library of games

The unique selling point of the Switch is that you can play it plugged into your TV, and then slot the detachable Joy-Con controllers on to the sides of the console and take it with you. We love this versatility, which makes it one of the most convenient and unobtrusive gaming devices around.

The Joy-Con controllers pack a lot of tech into a small space, delivering on motion control and haptic feedback that adds to the experience, and you’ll always have two on hand for multiplayer gaming as well.

Nintendo, as always, relies on old favourites to fly the flag, so you’ve got a great selection of games from the Mario and The Legend of Zelda series, to name a few. This time round however, it can even support games such as Doom and Skyrim, marking the first time these games can be played on the go.

What we didn’t like — Games and accessories are expensive

The initial price point of the Switch is not off-putting by any means, but the costs do add up. A micro-SD card is a must, considering the small hard drive capacity (just 32GB), and you’ll want to buy more Joy-Cons to get the most out of multiplayer. Then there are the games themselves, which tend to be more expensive than what you’d find on other consoles, leading to the term ‘the Switch tax’ amongst fans. Despite the family-friendly focus, it’s not as cheap as you might have hoped.

The screen also has a resolution of just 720p, which might seem quaint now, but we found it’s perfectly fine for gaming on the go.


This is a wonderful console that delivers unparalleled versatility and supports a library of brilliant single and multiplayer games. You might want a more powerful console for some of the triple-A titles that demand more muscle, but at the very least you should consider this as a cheerful companion to them, because it gets almost everything right.

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