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What is the Now TV Combo deal? The new contract-free bundle explained

Sky is moving to position its Now TV service as a more stand-alone offering than before, with the flexible Now TV Combo deal. The idea is that the Now TV Combo can be sold to people who can’t get (or don’t want) a dish, but perhaps do want to take advantage of Sky’s various broadband, phone and Now TV packages.

The Now TV Combo deal is a triple play, so you need to choose from one of Now TV’s phone packages, as well as the type of broadband you want and then the TV service you’re interested in. You then get Now TV’s new Smart Box, which we’ve already gone hands-on with, free of charge. For the first time the box also offers Freeview channels, as long as you have a TV aerial to connect to it. 

The box itself is free when you take any one of these packages but is also available as a £40 stand-alone device if you don’t want Broadband from Sky.

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What you can choose with your Now TV Combo deal

First up, choose which of Sky’s Entertainment, Sports, Movies and Kids TV passes that you want access to. Each pass costs a set amount each month and you can change your passes on a monthly basis, as there’s no set contract.

Then you need to pick a type of broadband. On the most basic level, there’s Sky’s ADSL (up to 17mbps) network which they call “Brilliant Broadband”. Alternatively you can have “Fab Fibre” which is up to 38mbps and “Super Fibre”, which sounds like a bowl of All Bran, but is actually the company’s up-to 76mbps broadband offering.

After that, you can select a call package to add on top of your Now TV Combo selections. If you don’t use the phone much, the standard Pay As You Use offering should suffice and is included at no additional cost. There are also Evenings and Weekends which equates to free UK landline and mobile calls from 7am to 7pm as well as all day Saturday and Sunday, or Anytime which is free UK calls all of the time.

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Now TV Combo pricing

To begin with, Now TV’s Standard ADSL (Brilliant Broadband) has a setup fee of £40. The two fibre products (Fab Fibre and Super Fibre) are £50 each to get up-and-running.

Now TV’s broadband prices start at £8 for the Brilliant Broadband, £18 for the Fab Fibre and £26 for the Super Fibre.

TV packages cost £2.99 for the Kids pass, £6.99 for the Entertainment pass, £9.99 for the Movies pass and £33.99 for the Sports pass.

On top of those prices is the cost of Now TV’s line rental, which comes in at £17.99 across all the tariffs.

We won’t tell you all the possible combinations, but the cheapest offer here is £27.98 and the most expensive is £69.98. The call packages add more on top of those though, taking the most expensive possible tariff up to £77.98.

Is there a contract involved for Now TV’s Combo deal?

The good news is that all of these packages are rolling 30 day deals. So you can move between them, or cancel, at any time. Although obviously if you re-join later, then you’re going to have to pay that connection fee again.

When it comes to the pricing, all of this is clearly aimed at people who don’t want the same amount of channels that Sky TV offers. If you want a broad range of movies, sport and entertainment you’ll probably find that a Sky TV pack is better value.


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