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O2 WiFi coming to Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium

O2 Wifi is headed to Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium, giving True Blue fans the opportunity to tweet their devotion from the terraces. 

The WiFi service will be accessible from all 47,000 seats of the Etihad Stadium and will also give fans the chance to access StadiumVision Mobile. 

StadiumVision Mobile will let fans access additional camera feeds from their phones and tablets, letting you replay goals from multiple angles. This could be good if you’re sat at the home end and you want to see goals from the other side in the second half. 

O2 WiFi coming to Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium
The feeding of the 47,000 – Fans can now tweet abuse at each other from the safety of their seats

Read Recombu Digital’s guide to O2 WifiPaul Lawton, general manager of SMB at O2 said: “With the ground and its immediate vicinity offering ubiquitous connectivity, we will soon be able to provide full talk and texting capabilities, while paving the way for exciting new mobile data applications and services – such as mobile video – that will ensure a visit to the Etihad Stadium continues to be one of the best sports experiences available anywhere in the world.”

O2 will be using Cisco’s Connected Stadium WiFi solution, which, we’re told, will support the high demand and let people access the web from connected devices with minimal delay.

Having attended a few events where thousands of attendees have failed to connect to iffy corporate-grade WiFi, we can’t help but feel a little skeptical. O2 and Cisco, however, assure us that the technology has been test-driven and will be able to meet the demands of data-hungry fans. 

Presumably, there’s also some form of traffic management on the network in place that’ll stop people streaming games to others via an app like for iOS and Android. Most fans, we imagine, will play nice and use the WiFi for its main intended purposes.


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