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Plusnet launches £1.50/month broadband offer: How cheap is that?

Plusnet has launched a new broadband offer that sees customers paying just £1.50/month for 18 months. 

The limited time deal is available to new customers signing up within the next 12 days from Plusnet’s site. 

For your money you get download speeds of up to 17Mbps, unlimited download with traffic management and weekend calls to UK landlines including 0845 and 0870 numbers. 

Plusnet launches £1.50/month broadband offer: How cheap is that?
Just HOW cheap is £1.50/month broadband once you’ve added in the cost of line rental?

Plusnet has launched the new offer in a bid to compete against super-cheap deals from ISPs like Direct Save Telecom, 99p Stores and Fuel. But how cheap is Plusnet’s new deal exactly and is it the cheapest?

Adding in the £15.95/month line rental, Plusnet’s £1.50 deal totals £17.45/month. This makes it cheaper than the offers from 99p Stores but not quite as cheap as what you can get from Fuel Broadband, the ISP formerly known as Primus Saver. 

The entry-level Fuel Broadband package costs £2.50/month for broadband on top of the £14.90/month line rental, which works out at £17.40/month, a princely 5p cheaper than Plusnet’s latest deal. 

Direct Save Telecom’s deal is also cheaper in the long term. Initially you’d be paying more across the first 12 months – £1.95 for broadband plus £15.75 for line rental for a total of £17.70/month – but after that, the Plusnet price would go up to £9.99/month plus line rental, or in other words £25.94/month. 

The two-year Direct Save Telecom deal is cheaper than Plusnet’s offer by £12.54 over 18 months and £61.98 over 24 months. 

Alternatively, if you’re after a discounted superfast service, you can currently sign up to Plusnet’s Unlimited Fibre plan. This FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet)-based product gives you download speeds of up to 38Mbps, unlimited downloads and for the first six months, you’ll only have to pay £15.95/month for line rental. 

After the six month introductory period the regular £14.99/month price kicks in, meaning you’ll pay a total of £30.94/month over the remaining 12 months. 


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