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Plusnet brings unlimited broadband and phone down to £2.50/month

Plusnet is tempting new customers with broadband for £2.50/month and fibre from £7.50/month – both with inclusive phone calls.

Up-to-16Mbps broadband with UK weekend calls costs £2.50/month for a year, plus £15.95/month line rental – the normal broadband price is £9.99/month.

If you want fibre, it’s £7.50/month for the first nine months of an 18-month contract on up-to-38Mbps Unlimited Fibre, or £12.50/month for up-to-76Mbps Unlimited Fibre Extra – both with inclusive evening and weekend calls.

Yorkshire-based broadband is getting cheaper
Yorkshire-based broadband is getting cheaper

The standard price for Unlimited Fibre is £14.50/month, while Unlimited Fibre Extra costs £19.99/month, and you’ll also escape the standard £50 activation fee.

Free calls include Plusnet support as well as 0870/0845 calls, and cover all UK landline numbers beginning 01/02/03.

Customers can also upgrade packages with Anytime calls for just an extra £5 per month. There is also an Anytime International 300 extra for £7 per month, which unsurprisingly, offers 300 minutes of 35 international destinations. 

Plusnet removed download limits on all residential broadband packages in June after many customers had doubled the bandwidth they were using. 

The discount comes as its rivals both agressively discount their broadband packages – TalkTalk SimplyBroadband costs just £1.75/month for six months, while Sky is offering its TV customers a year of free broadband, or two free broadband years with the new Sky Sports 5 channel.


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