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Plusnet dangles the cashback carrot to entice new customers

Plusnet is now offering new punters £50 cashback and free broadband for six months.

If you’re looking to change your broadband and phone supplier then Plusnet might be someone to consider, because the ISP is offering new customers six months’ free fibre broadband and £50 cashback on its bottom-tier 38Mbps service, provided they sign up before May 12th.

The ISP’s Unlimited Fibre plan is an 18-month contract which serves up evening and weekend calls to UK landlines as well as 0845 and 0870 numbers, in addition to fibre broadband with speeds of up to 38Mbps download and 19.5Mbps upload. It also includes a free wireless router.

After the first six months the deal will set you back £14.99 a month plus £15.95 line rental.

The £50 cashback will also be available to those looking to sign up for the company’s Unlimited Fibre Extra plan, which offers up all the same perks as the budget plan except it comes with 76Mbps download speeds and 19.5Mbps up, making it a better option if you’ve got bandwidth hungry family or flat-mates.

The Unlimited Fibre Extra will set you back £8.99 for the first six months, plus the aforementioned line rental, and £19.99 thereafter. Much like the budget option, it’s also an 18-month contract.

The BT-owned provider has also finally confirmed its YouView-powered TV service today. The service appeared on an updated price guide on the company’s website, and will cost fibre customers £5 a month for the basic offering of freeview channels, catch up TV and on-demand content, as well as an Entertainment package which includes SyFy, Fox, Eurosport and the History Channel.

Other channel packs will be available too, at extra cost.


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