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Primus Saver drops Line Rental Saver, takes leaf out of Sky’s book

Budget ISP Primus Saver has decided to no longer offer customers a money-saving line rental saver service. 

Line rental saver is a common feature offered by ISPs as it lets customers pay in bulk for 12 months’ worth of line rental instead of paying monthly. While customers have to stump up a big sum, it works out cheaper in the long run than paying the standard rate. 

In Primus Saver’s case, taking its £120 offer would have seen you paying the equivalent of £10/month. 

Pork Soda: Primus Saver smashes a money saving deal that apparently wasn’t that popular

Line rental for its entry-level broadband and phone bundle costs £13.90/month while with its unlimited broadband and evening calls it’s £14.50/month. Whichever way you slice it, you’re paying more. 

You’d be forgiven for thinking that savings of £46.80 and £54 over a year would be enough to sway people but apparently not. According to ISPreview who broke the news, the reason why Primus Saver is really canning the line rental saver option was because it wasn’t very popular. 

The move follows Sky’s decision to drop line rental saver back in January. The UK’s second-biggest ISP by customer size charges £15.40/month for line rental and until recently offered customers the chance to pay £119.40 for a year’s worth of rental, equivalent to paying £9.95/month. 

If you’re taking out a broadband subscription, paying line rental is virtually unavoidable, unless you go for line rental-free packages like Virgin Media Broadband Only. Wireless ISPs, by virtue of the fact that there’s no physical line to your home, tend not to charge for line rental. Read our guide to line rental for more information. 

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