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Rightmove lists average broadband speeds next to properties

Property search site Rightmove has added broadband speed and availability data to homes and flats on its website. 

When you’re searching for a place to buy or rent, you’ll be able to check the average speed of broadband in the area with the new tool. 

Found next to a picture of a snail perching on a piece of Ethernet cable, the ‘Check broadband availability and speeds in this area.’ tool pulls information from analyst Point Topic’s broadband database. 

Rightmove lists average broadband speeds next to properties
The right speed for you: Rightmove gives buyers a better idea of what the neighbourhood’s like

As well as giving you an average speed, you’ll also be given examples of real-life services like Skype and HD streaming and whether or not you’ll be able to do this in the new home of your dreams. 

Bernard Phillips, head of consumer platforms at Rightmove said: “We’re always looking at new ways to help home movers make the most informed decisions possible when choosing their next property, whether that’s providing information about local schools, transport links or broadband speeds. 

“Our research tells us that home movers find it incredibly useful to know these things in advance and so we’re fascinated to see how they engage with the data from Point Topic.” 

Rightmove is currently trialling this service, with a view to making it a permanent feature should it prove popular. Rightmove will tell potential buyers whether services are available from BT (Openreach) and Virgin Media as well as smaller providers like Hyperoptic, KCOM and Gigaclear. 

Dana Tobak, managing director of gigabit broadband provider Hyperoptic, welcomed the move, saying: “Broadband speed was recently acknowledged as a leading factor in property decisions, above off-street parking and local amenities, for home movers. As such, we believe that greater transparency will prevent consumers from being misled by providers, and enable them to make an informed decision.”

“Rightmove’s bold move serves as a clear wake-up call for landlords and freeholders regarding the growing importance of broadband speed to potential tenants and buyers, a trend which will no doubt continue.”

Hyperoptic is currently based in London but has announced plans to launch in other UK cities in the future. KCOM operate in and around the Hull area and Gigaclear provides fibre broadband services exclusively in rural areas. 

Note that the results of speed tests vary depending on the time of day you make them and on the number of people using the network. The best way to get an accurate idea is to make multiple speed tests youself. 


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