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Roku’s smarter search update makes it easier to find shows on Netflix

Roku’s latest update, promising title, actor and director search across multiple services, has begun rolling out in the UK. 

Following the update, you’ll see a new ‘Search’ option sitting pretty on the main menu. 

At the moment, Search only works with Netflix and freebie services Snagfilms and Popcornflix, but the idea is that other services will be pulled into the fold. 

Roku isn’t naming any names today but this could mean that you’ll be able to search across BBC iPlayer, Now TV, All 4, Sky Store and other services from one menu. 

Taking the leaf out of both Tank Top TV and Android TV‘s books, Roku will eventually let its users comb through services from the main menu instead of having to dive into each one individually and see what content is available.  

As well as making it easier for people to figure out what’s available where, the Roku will also come in handy when comparing prices for titles that are available across multiple services, like Breaking Bad

Roku’s update also brings with it My Feed, a new hub that promises to let you know when new content – mainly new movies – are available to watch, rent or buy. 

The Roku mobile apps that essentially turn your phone into the Roku remote have also been updated for iOS and Android, incorporating these two new features. You can download these from iTunes and Google Play now. 



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