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Rural broadband project B4RN shows the Wray to fibre

Rural broadband project B4RN is taking advantage is the hot weather and has got on with connecting the village of Wray, the next location on its map. 

The village of Wray with a population of over 500, will soon be connected to B4RN’s full fibre network which provides speeds of up to 1Gbps delivered over FTTP (Fibre to the Premises). 

Work has begun in earnest this month but encountered a small snag thanks to some nesting lapwings. The environmental agency has been called in to make sure that the birds aren’t disturbed and the digging can continue.

Rural broadband provider B4RN bringing fibre to Wray, Lancashire

Read Recombu Digital’s guide to B4RN, Lancashire’s Rural FTTP Broadband projectIf it’s not the snow holding up broadband rollout it’s usually nature – earlier BT ran into a sett of problems when it discovered evidence of badgers in North Yorkshire.  

While B4RN is being vague with its delivery dates, it’s confident that all of the local volunteer muscle will help Wray get connected soon. Residents of the village of Docker will also soon be able to order fibre broadband from B4RN, which costs £30/month for gigabit speeds down and up and no download caps. 

B4RN has recently piped fibre broadband to the villages of Abbeystead, Arkholme, Newton and Quernmore

Wray already benefits from a mesh network that provides wireless broadband to residents. B4RN co-founder Chris Conder had a hand in the development and rollout of the Wray wireless network which is managed by Lancaster University.  

While the mesh project has been a benefit to the communities of Wray and nearby Wennet, B4RN’s fibre project will provide a longer term broadband solution. 

Image: DaveBleasedale/Flickr


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