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Samsung TV Discovery channels YouTube and Acetrax data, offers recommendations

Samsung TV Discovery channels multiple Smart TV services into one Samsung has announced TV Discovery, an interesting new feature which promises to make searching for content on your Samsung Smart TV much simpler.

Perhaps taking a leaf or two from Google’s book, the main idea behind TV Discovery is to harvest program information from services like YouTube and Acetrax as well as live TV broadcasts and start to offer you recommendations based on search history.

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Whether or not you can opt in and out of TV Discovery combing data from specific services or not remains to be seen. Parents for example, might want to prevent TV Discovery from gathering data on live TV broadcasts in case something inappropriate for younger eyes gets offered as a recommendation.

As well as this, TV Discovery aims to make it easier for viewers to share video content on the big screen. We’ve all been there when trying to find a funny YouTube video and having to grapple with fiddly controls on your smart TV, Xbox 360, or whatever method you prefer.

Samsung TV Discovery also promises a ‘cross device experience’ allowing you to share content from a phone or tablet to your Smart TV and vice versa and share what you’re watching with friends and family. Sounds a little bit like Samsung AllShare to us, Samsung’s DLNA service.

There are also plans to do away with multiple remote controls for your Sky+HD box, Virgin Media TiVo box and DVD player and replace them with a Universal Remote Control. We’ve seen plenty of universal remotes over the years, but it’s nice to see Samsung attempting to unify the living room experience from all angles.

Samsung is planning on showing off TV Discovery at Mobile World Congress 2013. We’re hoping to bring you some hands-on pictures and video so stay tuned for those.


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