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Scottish Power Connect picks Climote to take on British Gas Hive and nPower’s Nest

Scottish Power is offering to upgrade customers to the Climote smart heating control as it challenges British Gas Hive and nPower’s tie-up with Nest.

If you’re one of Scottish Power’s 5.6m customers, you’ll be eligible to ask the utility company to swap out your existing control in a switch that will take approximately 60 minutes.

The Scottish Power Connect unit allows you to control your heating and hot water from your mobile and in different rooms, but it also takes weather data to help you decide whether you need to turn the heating on or not. 

Scottish Power Connect lets you control your heating - even if you're not there
Scottish Power Connect lets you control your heating – even if you’re not there

Neil Clitheroe, CEO for retail and generation at Scottish Power, said: “The Connect hub will be a popular product with our customers, helping to make heating systems more responsive and allowing customers’ greater control of their utility outgoings, all of which can be achieved using Climote’s technology.”

When an engineer comes to replace your thermostat, they’ll also help you find the app to control your heating system and show you how to use it, so you’ll be ready to go before they even leave the house.

The app allows you to see the temperature at home even if you’re at work, meaning you can switch it on in advance so its cosy warm when you get home.

Scottish Power hopes adding Climote will save families money in the long run, but the unit will set you back around £150 upfront or £10 a month, depending on whether you decide to make an upfront payment or not.

Eamon Conway, managing director of Climote, Said: “We are thrilled to announce our partnership with ScottishPower. It is testament to the strength of our business proposition that one of the six biggest energy companies in the UK has selected us as a strategic connected homes partner.

“By teaming up with a utility giant such as ScottishPower, we are confident we can play a major role in revolutionising the UK’s heating efficiency and hope that it will be a long and productive partnership.”

Scottish Power is the third of the UK’s major energy providers to offer a smart heating control system, after British Gas launched Hive at the end of 2013 and nPower took on Google-backed Nest in May.

If you want to see how they line up, have a look at Recombu’s Smart Energy Comparison mega-test.


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