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Sky Fibre broadband for £10 a month: How cheap is that?

Sky has unleashed its latest broadband service – the £10/month Sky Fibre product. 

That sounds like the best deal ever on paper, but how much is it all when you add in line rental, connection fees and other things?

Sky line rental currently costs £16.40/month and as there’s no option to take line rental saver, you’re stuck with paying this. Sky Fibre is an 18 month deal. 

In addition to the £26.40 total monthly cost, there’s a £30 connection fee. If you choose to take the Sky Hub wireless router there’s a £6.95 charge for postage of this, but no other charge for the router itself. 

In total, you’ll pay £512.15 throughout the duration of the contract.

That’s how the costs break down. How does it measure up to the competition? 

Sky Fibre compares well to entry-level offers like BT Infinity 1, which has a 20GB usage cap, no bundled calls, and costs £15/month after a six month introductory rate, plus £30 for connection and £6.95 for router delivery. 

With the standard rate of line rental included (£16.99) it actually works out cheaper over 18 months than BT’s equivalent product by about £40. 

TalkTalk’s entry-level SimplyBroadband with Fibre costs £13.50/month plus £16.70/month for standard line rental, plus and £50 for connection. While this is more expensive (£30.20/month in total) you get unlimited data, a top download speed of 38Mbps and free wireless Super Router (£5.99 for postage). 

SimplyBroadband is a broadband-only service, so you don’t get any landline calls or anything else thrown in. 

Because most ISPs selling superfast broadband don’t offer a capped service, we’re also throwing in Sky Fibre Unlimited, so show you how Sky’s cheapest FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) products compare to offers from Direct Save and Plusnet. 

  Sky Fibre BT Infinity 1 Direct Save Fibre Broadband TalkTalk SimplyBroadband with Fibre Plusnet Unlimited Fibre + Calls BT Infinity Unlimited Sky Fibre Unlimited
Top download speed 38Mbps 38Mbps 38Mbps 38Mbps 38Mbps 38Mbps 38Mbps
Data 25GB 20GB Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Contract length 18 months 18 months 18 months 18 months 18 months 18 months 18 months
Standard broadband  £10 £15 £14.75 £13.50 £14.99 £23 £20
Standard line rental  £16.50 £16.99 £16.75 £16.70 £15.95 £16.99 £16.50
Line rental saver (one off cost) n/a £169.90 £132 £180.36 £155.88 £169.90 n/a
Installation + Postage £36.95 £36.95 £33.90 £55.99 Free £36.95 £36.95
Total standard monthly cost  £26.50 £31.99 £31.50 £30.20 £30.94 £39.99 £36.50



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