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Will Sky’s new Now TV Box offer 4K Ultra HD streams?

Sky has let slip that it’s working on getting a new Now TV Box in the shelves later this year. Will it offer 1080p or even 4K streams? 

The current Now TV box offers customers with sufficient bandwidth the choice of watching TV shows, movies and live sports in 720p HD, but not at any resolutions higher than that. 

All we know about the new device so far is that it’ll feature a different UI offering customers access to Sky’s ‘best ever content line-up’. 

The latest quarterly figures from Sky reveal an increase in Now TV customers in 2014. While Sky’s presentation document doesn’t give us any figures, the company says it has twice as many of the year’s blockbuster movies as Netflix and Amazon. 

Will Sky’s new Now TV Box offer 4K Ultra HD streams?
Dead Men Walking: Will Sky bring the 4K big guns to Netflix and Amazon?

While Now TV might have the edge in terms of content, it’s currently on the back foot in the resolution arms race. Netflix and Amazon are now offering paying customers Full HD and 4K Ultra HD streams on a handful of smart TVs. 

With rumours circulating that Sky is planning to launch a 4K set top box later this year, it’s possible that Now TV will offer UHD streams to customers with enough bandwidth to support them. Sky spokespeople have yet to comment any further on the as-of-yet unnamed box. 


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