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Sky’s September prices: Sports and Multiroom increase by £1, broadband and HD stay the same

Sky has increased prices of premium services including Sky Sports and Sky Multiroom. 

Full details of price rises for all Sky products have been obtained by Recombu Digital and we can confirm that there are no price rises for any broadband, line rental or home phone products. 

The standard TV service, Sky Entertainment, stays at the current rate of £21.50/month and the costs for getting Sky premium channels (Sky Sports and Sky Movies) in HD also stays the same (£5.25/month). 

That’s what’s not gone up. Here is what Sky has increased prices on. 

Sky September prices: Sports and Multiroom increase by £1, broadband and HD stay the same
Going up, but not everywhere: Sky’s price rises don’t effect the essentials

Sky Sports is now £22/month, a £1 price rise which we’ve factored in to our round up of Premier League football packages.

Sky Entertainment Extra and Entertainment Extra+ now cost £27/month and £32/month each, a 50p rise.

Sky Multiroom has also gone up by £1 to £11.25/month but as an extra bonus subscribers will get Sky Go Extra thrown in for free, as we reported back in June

Sky Go Extra lets Sky subscribers watch TV channels on the go on more than the standard two devices that regular Sky Go affords you, so its complements Sky Multiroom nicely. Sky Go Extra normally costs an extra £5/month. 

The average price rise for all Sky customers in September is roughly 2.5 per cent. A Sky spokesperson said: 

“Our aim is to offer the best entertainment at the best possible price. We’re investing record amounts in must-see TV this year and have worked to keep price rises to a minimum. 

“From September customers’ bills will increase by around 2.5 per cent on average, which is less than inflation.”

At the last count, the rate of inflation in the UK was said to be 2.8 per cent. Sky’s site has already updated to reflect the new prices. 

Forthcoming price rises by TalkTalk, Plusnet and Virgin Media are seeing prices on certain products increasing by as little as £1/month and as much as £2.50/month on some products. 

BT’s line rental increased by 85p in January this year to £15.45/month, but the ISP also pledged not to increase line rental again until 2014. 


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