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Sky TV: How to get Sky Q television without a satellite dish?

Want access to Sky TV but without an unsightly satellite dish? Sky plans to have you covered thanks to changes happening to its Sky Q service, which will also help it compete with the likes of Netflix and Amazon Video – here is what we know so far.

Sky let slip three bits of news as part of its Q2 results announcement. For starters, there will be an average increase of £3 for certain customers, a move explained here in our 2017 price changes feature. This article is about what we know about the forthcoming satellite dish-less Sky Q service and the new ‘My Sky’ App.

What is the My Sky app?

The new My Sky app is designed to let customers check their broadband speed, review their monthly bill, adjust how and when they pay and get help and support via step by step videos and articles from the comfort of their smartphone or tablet. It will launch ‘later this year’, so says Sky, and will undoubtedly be a free download.

Is there any other benefit of My Sky?

Besides the potential convenience, My Sky will ‘reward and recognise members based on how long they have been with Sky’ as part of a new loyalty scheme, adding that the rewards will come in the form of ‘exclusive experiences and benefits’.

So while new Sky customers may get a cheaper deal to entice them into a contract, it seems those who are loyal may finally see some sort of compensation. When asked what rewards we can expect to see, a Sky spokesperson said it has nothing to say at the moment.

So what about Sky TV without a satellite dish?

Usually Sky TV needs a satellite, but the company announced it will be launching Sky Q without the need for an unsightly dish. The plan is to run the service through a box over broadband, which is how the likes of Now TV and other streaming apps work.

That means millions of households currently excluded from having Sky Q will have the option, but only from 2018 onwards as that is when Sky expects to launch the service in the UK. Pricing details are currently unknown.

Any other changes to Sky Q?

Yes, a few. Sky Q users will soon see the introduction of voice search, which means you may not even need to find the remote, greater personalisation and the ability to record six shows while watching a seventh live, which will be good news for those who tend to binge watch lots of TV in one go.

What about Sky and Now TV losing channels?

Up to 20 channels could go if Sky loses the rights to Discovery Communications, which owns the rights to Eurosport 1 and 2 and Animal Planet. You can read more about that ongoing story here.


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