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Sky’s TV ambitions are all about the extras: UK TV Customer League Table

Sky continues to find new TV subscribers, but on-demand and on-the-move services are where it’s finding more money and holding onto long-term users.

The TV service grew by 34,000 homes in the past three months to reach 10.42 million, but Sky Go Extra almost quadrupled the number of subscribers, to reach 166,000.

More than half of Sky+HD owners are now connected to broadband for Sky On Demand, and Sky’s going to make this easier with two new products this autumn.

Sky’s TV ambitions are all about the extras: UK TV Customer League Table
Sky’s big number hides a lot of interesting little numbers. They all add up to ca$h

Read more about Recombu Digital’s UK TV Customer League TableSky chief executive Jeremy Darroch said: “In our television business, there has been an excellent response from customers to our new services. 

“We’ve seen an explosion in on-demand and mobile viewing as more people connect their  Sky boxes to broadband and watch TV on laptops and mobile devices with Sky Go. 

“Sky Go Extra, our new subscription service, has already attracted more than 150,000 customers in just five months. 

“Customers tell us they get huge value from these services. The benefits to our business are equally strong through take-up of higher-tier packages, expanded revenue opportunities and improved customer satisfaction. 

“We see an exciting opportunity for future growth in this area and we intend to increase investment over the next year to accelerate growth and returns from these new services.”

Sky’s planning to push the £5/month Sky Go Extra service further, to build on the 122,000 who signed up since March.

As well as heavy marketing, it will add more than 10 more live streaming TV channels to Sky Go in 2014, and build new functions into its apps and desktop software.

Elsewhere, Sky added 117,000 HD customers after dropping its add-on HD Pack in favour of a new basic tier, Entertainment Extra+ – almost 4.8m homes now have an activated Sky+HD box.

Of these, 2.7 million are connected to broadband – a leap of 170 per cent in the past year which has lead to customers watching five times as much on-demand TV via Sky.

More than 20 TV channels will be added to the Catch Up section of Sky On Demand in the next year, while the number of TV box sets is set to grow by half, with most of the new content restricted to those on Entertainment Extra+.

Subscriber numbers are still opaque for Now TV, the broadband-only pay-as-you-go TV service, hidden within Sky’s overall TV subscriptions.

However, the Now TV Sky Sports pass has been sold to more than 50,000 individual users since March, at £9.99/day, and that’s only set to increase with Sky’s new Now TV box for £9.99 and the launch of Now TV on LG Smart TV as well as Playstation 3.


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