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Sony announces new 4K HDR TVs for 2016, led by Bravia ZD9

Sony has just launched its latest line of 2016 Bravia televisions which come 4K UHD and HDR ready, and they’re surprisingly good value too.

Sony Bravia

By ‘good value’ of course, we definitely don’t mean ‘cheap’, but the new Sony Bravia TVs are definitely affordable given the future-proof tech packed inside. The new top-of-the-line Bravia Z series might not be quite so wallet friendly, but it represents the pinnacle of what Sony can cram into a television right now.

Here’s our guide to the new Sony Bravia TVs for 2016.

Sony Bravia ZD9: From £4,000

The entry model in the Bravia ZD9 line is the KD65ZD9. This, like all the TVs in this new line, features 4K UHD and HDR as well as a new 4K HDR Processor X1 Extreme image processor that offers 40 percent more real-time image processing than the previous generation. That should mean better quality colour, contrast and high-speed images.

The ZD9 series also sports object-based HDR remastering and upscaling to turn dynamic range HD content into near 4K HDR quality images. Ideal for making most current content look better, then.

Full 4K HDR can be displayed at an impressive 14-bit signal processing level, meaning stunning colours. These are supported by Backlight Master Drive, which is Sony’s name for its wide contrast range for “dark blacks and dazzling lights” says Sony. Local dimming has been upgraded from LED area control to individual LED adjustment that should result in more precise colour variation and contrast.

The ZD9 series also comes sporting the latest Android TV operating system for wide compatibility and a range of apps as well as voice-controlled search.

The 65-inch KD65ZD9 is £4,000 while the 75-inch KD75ZD9 is £7,000 and the 100-inch KD100ZD9 is a bank-breaking £60,000.

These will all be available “in 2016”, says Sony.

Sony’s five new HDR 4K TVs for 2016: From £1,000

Sony has announced that five of its latest generation of televisions will feature 4K UHD as well as HDR. These are the XD83, XD80, XD75, XD70 and SD80.

All these screens have 4K displays capable of using the 4K X-Reality Pro upscaling to convert HD to near 4K. This even applies to content from a smartphone or online streamed video, says Sony.

These screens all feature HDR meaning they will support any content delivered in HDR. That said the XD75, XD70 and SD80 will get this feature as a software update in the future.

All the software runs the Android OS for easy access to apps like Netflix, games, voice search and Google Cast functionality.

  • The 49-inch XD83 is £1,100, or at 43-inch £900.
  • The 55-inch XD80 is £1,300, or at 49-inch £1,100 or at 43-inch £850.
  • The 65-inch XD75 is £1,700.
  • The 55-inch XD70 is £1,000, or at 49-inch is £850.
  • The 50-inch SD80 is £1,200.

All five of these televisions will be “available soon” says Sony.


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