Sony KD-65A8 Review

Sony KD-65A8

Sony has been banging out premium TVs for many years now and, in the age of OLED, the manufacturer continues to turn in quality offerings. With the Sony A8 series, you get detailed, accurate and rich colours combined with light touch design and immersive audio.

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What we love – Stunning display performance, classy design and surprisingly strong audio capabilities

The Sony KD-65A8 firmly takes the crown as the best OLED TV the manufacturer has made. With the KD-65A8, you get some of the most detailed and crisp images on the market – enabled by Sony’s X1 Ultimate processor and Pixel Contrast Booster tech.

The colours are bright and the blacks are deep but it isn’t eyeball-searing. Sony’s flagship TV firmly focuses on giving you a gorgeous image without the need to brighten up your living room like a lighthouse or present unrealistic imagery.

While the Sony is a decent size at 65-inch, you won’t get any loss of quality when it comes to viewing from wider angles. The OLED tech means you get the same colour and contrast at any angle, and it’s a dream.

The Sony KD-65A8 positively graces your living room via its delightfully modern looks. The panel itself is one of the thinnest around and, unlike many OLEDs, the hardware isn’t packed into a chunky stand around the back. Instead, the tech is more spread out across the rear of the panel, meaning it doesn’t get all that thick at any point. The KD-65A8 can be displayed proudly as the focal point of your living room.

Audio has long been an afterthought in TV technology, with many manufacturers not bothering all that much and consumers simply accepting they need a sound bar or full surround system for a strong experience. However, the tide seems to be turning, with several OLEDs packing in decent audio capabilities.

The KD-65A8 is one of these. Sony’s flagship uses Acoustic Surface technology to spread audio throughout your room, doing an impressive job of mimicking an actual speaker system.

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What we don’t like – Not the brightest, no HDR10+ or 4K/120Hz and hit-and-miss Android TV

Like with its design, the Sony A8 series takes a minimalist approach to its imagery and, as such, Sony made the decision to not crank up the brightest. While the extreme detail this TV provides goes some way to negate the issue, brighter panels can certainly be found elsewhere for those looking for one. The no frills approach also sees HDR10+, Filmmaker Mode and support for 4K/120Hz over HDMI also fall by the wayside. Android TV is a pleasant UI experience and includes the big apps like Netflix, Disney Plus etc.


The Sony KD-65A8 is one of the best TVs that the veteran manufacturer has made. Sony takes a measured approach to OLED and the results are accurate yet mystifyingly beautiful. The beauty extends to the design, equating to one of the best looking TVs around.

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