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Superdrug adds Wi-Fi from The Cloud to its stores

Beauty retailer Superdrug has become the latest chain on the high street to offer customers free Wi-Fi.

Wireless internet provider The Cloud will supply the chain internet connectivity across its shops in the UK. Customers will be able to use the service to browse online, learn about products in-store as well as access online reviews and social media.

“We know how trend-conscious our customers are and free Wi-Fi will allow them to go online to gain instant inspiration. The new technology will add an extra element of interaction and fun for our customers,” said Matt Walburn, marketing director at Superdrug. 

Read more about The CloudResearch carried out by Superdrug found that 79.5 per cent of mobile consumers are influenced by the availability of in-store Wi-Fi when deciding where to shop.

The most common uses of smartphones in-store include reading product reviews, accessing deals, offers, coupons, comparing prices and browsing the store’s own website.

By offering WiFi, Superdrug will also be able to gather anonymised browsing information to help them provide advertising relevant to shoppers.

This ‘media window space’, shown to each WiFi user upon connection to WiFi in store, will be used for advertising messages. This reflects the 84.5 per cent preference of customers who said they’d prefer a free, ad supported WiFi service as opposed to a paid for service.

An estimated seven million people every day pass through Sky-owned The Cloud network by visiting one of its partners, including major outlets like Pizza Express, M&S, Caffè Nero, Eat, Greggs, Pret and Wagamama, as well as First Great Western and Network Rail stations.


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