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Superfast broadband postcode exchange checker overhauled by BT Openreach

BT Openreach has launched a new-look superfast broadband page, giving customers a better idea of when their exchange will be upgraded. 

The site is a redesign of a previous page which featured a postcode checker telling you when exchanges in your area were due to have fibre broadband equipment installed. 

The new postcode checker has been overhauled and improved, providing more exact information about the Openreach exchange your home or business is connected to. 

Superfast broadband postcode exchange checker overhauled by BT Openreach
If you type in the postcode for the BT Tower, you’ll notice the nearest exchange is NC

As before, there’s a key to the various symbols which appear on the Google Maps-powered checker when you enter your postcode. These are:

  • AO: Accepting Orders. You should be able to order fibre broadband.
  • CS: Coming Soon. Your exchange will be upgraded imminently.
  • FE: Future Exchange. Your exchange is on the roadmap, no ETA yet.
  • UE: Under Evaluation: Openreach is considering adding the exchange.
  • NC: Not currently in rollout plans.

Rob Lee, Openreach director of marketing and communications says: “Before, the postcode checker would give you the status of all of the exchanges in your area. It now narrows that down to the exchange which serves you, giving a much clearer picture of whether you are likely to be able to receive fibre services.”

There are some exceptions where postcodes straddle a number of exchange boundaries, as they do in Shropshire and Wales. 

As well as featuring an improved postcode checker, the new site features links to all of the local BDUK (Broadband Delivery for the UK) projects BT is involved with as well as a list of all ISPs offering fibre-based broadband services on the Openreach network. 

The new page has also been tweaked so that it can be viewed on phones and tablets more easily.


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