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Tado launches Kickstarter-funded smart AC control

Tado has finally launched its Kickstarter-funded smart air-conditioning system in Europe and the US. 

The Smart AC Control unit physically connects to your aircon unit and then talks to your router via WiFi, allowing you to send instructions from an iOS, Android or Windows Phone app. Like Tado’s smart heating system, the Smart AC Control will also pick up on your location and start chilling your living room when you’re heading home. 

Tado claims that the Smart AC Control could shave off as much as 40 per cent on your energy bills in those sweltering summer months. 

Related: Tado review – Hands on with the wireless thermostatChristian Deilmann, CEO and co-founder of Tado said: “Until now, you had to decide whether to enjoy the full comfort of a cool home by leaving your air conditioner running all day or to switch it off when you leave to save money and energy. 

“At Tado we believe in state-of-the-art smart technology that automatically ensures that no energy is wasted. With the new Tado Smart AC Control we’ve created a completely new way to cool our homes.”

With the launch of the Smart AC Control, Tado now lets customers cool their house down in the warm months as well as turning up the heat when winter approaches – Tado says its smart heating counterpart can knock around 31 per cent off of energy bills. 

It’s not yet known if the Smart AC Control will be compatible with Apple HomeKit. We know that Tado wanted to get on board with Apple’s home automation ecosystem but there’s no official confirmation that this will be the case with the first generation of the Smart AC Control. We’re expecting to hear more about HomeKit at WWDC 2015, which kicks off next Monday. 

Folks who want to be able to trigger smart home recipes with Tado products can make use of an IFTTT (If This Then That) channel and the Do Button apps to control multiple devices simultaneously with their phones. 

You can pick up a Smart AC Control now from Tado’s site for £149. 



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