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Tado preps zoned heating and radiator valves in time for IFA 2015

Your Tado will soon be able to save you even more money thanks to zoned heating. 

The German smart heating company has announced that remote controls for individual radiators and floor heaters, which it’ll be showing off at this year’s IFA tech show in Berlin. 

The idea behind zoned heating is that you can choose to only heat up specific rooms and floors of your house instead of the whole building, therefore saving you cash on not pre-heating rooms you’re not using right away. 

Related: Tado Review – Hands on with the wireless thermostatTado will let you do this by way of remotely-controlled valves that replace your old TRV (Thermostatic Radiator Valve) manual controls and a unit that will let you send commands to underfloor heaters. 

You’ll be able to issue commands from Tado mobile app, which unlike many smart heating systems, is available on Windows Phone as well as iOS and Android. 

At IFA 2015, Tado will also be showing off its Smart AC control, which was successfully funded on Kickstarter earlier this year

Designed mainly for warmer countries (and therefore not of huge interest to us drizzly and dreich Brits), the Smart AC claims to offer the same money-saving edge of Tado’s heating system; instead of leaving your air conditioner on all day, the Smart AC will only come online when the geolocation feature of the app detects that you’re on your way home. 

Prices for the new zoned controls have not yet been announced. Zoned heating is already supported by Honeywell’s Evohome system, which will talk to up to 12 smart radiator valves in the home. 

The new Hive thermostat from British Gas and Climote both also support zoned heating which, it’s claimed, can cut your heating bill down by as much as 40 per cent – but without having a smart meter installed it’ll be impossible for you to tell until you get your statement. 


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