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TalkTalk 80Mbps ‘no launch date yet,’ still available for pre-register

TalkTalk’s up to 80Mbps fibre optic service is due to come online this month. Following BT’s rollout of faster downstream and upstream speeds across its BT Infinity services, we caught up with TalkTalk to see when its 80Mbps service would be coming online.

While there’s no concrete launch date available, TalkTalk customers already on the Fibre Optic Broadband tariffs can pre-register now for the upgrade.

TalkTalk 80Mbps ‘no launch date yet,’ still available for pre-register

The upgrade process we understand will require an engineer visit and will cost £30. Once you’re upgraded, your monthly payments will cost £5 extra on top of the £10 you’d pay to upgrade to 40Mbps fibre.

So if you’re on TalkTalk Essentials, you’ll pay £31 a month for top speeds of 80Mbps with a if you pay for a year’s line rental in advance; standard line rental is £14.50, so you’d pay £36 a month otherwise.

TalkTalk Plus, coming with unlimited downloads, costs £39 a month with the line rental paid for in advance or £44 a month with standard line rental. To pre-order you’ll need to head to and perform an availability check.

Interestingly, TalkTalk is still advertising its top download speed at 80Mbps – BT is, in line with recent rulings, advertising its new top download speed as 76Mbps for its BT Infinity 2 package.


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