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TalkTalk and Plusnet line rental increase, Openreach still cutting costs

Today, TalkTalk and Plusnet have put their line rental rates up. 

TalkTalk customers now have to pay £15.40/month for the standard rate of line rental and Plusnet punters will need to shell out £14.50/month instead. 

Both ISPs offer a line rental saver option, which lets you pay a lump sum up front, covering you for 12 months. 

TalkTalk’s Value Line Rental option costs £126 for 12 months which is equivalent to paying £10.50/month. 

TalkTalk and Plusnet line rental increase
Lining their pockets: Prices increase despite Ofcom capping Openreach prices

Read our guide to line rental and check the current line rental rates of the UK’s ISPsPlusnet’s Line Rental Saver option costs a little less, £131.88, or equivalent to paying £10.99/month. 

Line rental is a factor to consider when shopping around for broadband and in the majority of cases you’ll have to pay it. Some ISPs like Virgin Media and Tesco Broadband offer broadband only services where line rental is not a factor, but you don’t get landline calls included. 

Non-fixed line broadband such like wireless and satellite broadband don’t come with an additional cost owing to the line-less nature of how they work. 

Ofcom controls the price that Openreach, BT’s network division, can charge ISPs like TalkTalk and Plusnet. Despite the regulator forcing Openreach to lower prices, line rental has continued to increase

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