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TalkTalk to up broadband, phone and line rental prices in October

TalkTalk has announced broadband, phone and line rental price rises that will take effect from October 1 onwards. 

The entry-level TalkTalk Essentials broadband package will go up to £7.50/month, up £1 from its current £6.50/month deal rate. 

Line rental which currently works out at £14.95/month will also go up to £15.40/month in October. 

TalkTalk to up broadband, phone and line rental prices in October
Money Money Money. Must be funny. In a TalkTalk world.

A handful of packages that older customers may still be on will also be increasing by £1. These are as follows: 

  • Talk Global Anytime
  • Talk Global Evening & Weekend
  • Talk UK Weekend BB
  • Talk International Anytime
  • Talk International Evening & Weekend
  • Talk Total Anytime Evening & Weekend
  • Talk Total Anytime
  • Talk 3 BB
  • Talk International Evening & Weekend IPS
  • Talk International Anytime IPS

Read Recombu Digital’s guide on Broadband Price Rises 2013While TalkTalk’s prices come at a time when news stories of energy price hikes hit the papers, customers will be rightly getting the hump. But TalkTalk says that it still offers better value than its leading competitors. 

Compared to BT, which offers unlimited broadband and weekend calls for £31.45/month (standard line rental included), TalkTalk Essentials plus line rental will work out at £22.90 altogether. Sky Broadband including standard line rental works out at £24.50/month and Virgin Media’s 30Mbps service costs £29.49/month plus the regular rate of line rental. 

A TalkTalk spokesperson said: “We are committed to offering the best value broadband, landline, TV and mobile deals, and are always coming up with new ways to help customers save money. 

“Price changes are sometimes necessary as we invest in the business to deliver a better experience for our customers, who continue to make significant savings compared to those of BT, Sky and Virgin.” 

We understand that TalkTalk is expecting to increase its capacity in order to cope with future demand and has been sending out more Bright Sparks engineers to visit customers homes and replacing old legacy routers with new equipment. Then there’s TalkTalk’s commitment to improving its customer services. All of this costs money. 

Once TalkTalk’s rates change in October, we’ll adjust our package pages accordingly. 

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