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TalkTalk removes broadband traffic shaping, Essentials and Plus now truly unlimited

TalkTalk has removed traffic shaping restrictions from its Essentials and Plus products. This means they’re now truly unlimited broadband offerings. 

Previously, peak time traffic shaping meant you’d be throttled in the evenings if you strayed over the mark, but now TalkTalk customers are unencumbered by such restrictions. Until recently, Sky was the only major UK ISP to offer unlimited downloads free of any kind of traffic management.

BT recently followed suit, removing any restrictions from its Unlimited services, but retaining throttling of P2P on the entry-level BT Broadband and BT Infinity 1 services. 

TalkTalk removes broadband traffic shaping, Essentials and Plus now truly unlimited
Traffic management? In MY internet? It’s more common than you think.

Read Recombu Digital’s guide to Traffic ManagementNow TalkTalk has stepped up to the fully unlimited plate. The news, spotted by Think Broadband, has now been confirmed by TalkTalk spokespeople who told us:

“Last year we scrapped download limits on Essentials and as of May 13, have made our network totally unlimited by removing the limited traffic management policy that we had in place. This means that our customers will never be slowed down, even at peak times, and is part of our ongoing investment in our network. TalkTalk customers can now enjoy the UK’s best value totally unlimited broadband.”

‘Totally unlimited’ is a phrase that seems to be entering marketing vernacular as a way to say ‘we don’t traffic shape.’ We’ve noticed that TalkTalk has now updated the broadband offerings on its site to reflect these new changes. 


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