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TalkTalk starts dishing out free SIMs to Plus TV punters

TalkTalk has begun bundling free SIM cards with its Plus TV broadband, home phone and YouView bundles. 

Worth £90, the free TalkTalk Mobile SIMs give you 100 minutes, 250 texts and 200MB of data a month, as well as free calls to other TalkTalk Mobile numbers. 

Normally £5/month, the SIM-only deal is free for 18 months – the same duration as the Plus TV bundle. 

Plus TV costs £18.50/month and gives you an unlimited up to 17Mbps ADSL service, unlimited calls to UK landlines at any time of day and access to the new Talk2Go app, a mobile app that lets you leverage unused landline minutes when you’re connected to WiFi in the home. 

You also get a YouView-based TV service that comes with seven Sky TV channels as standard and the option of adding TalkTalk Boosts, like Sky Sports (£30/month) and Sky Movies (£16/month)

TalkTalk’s standard rate line rental £16.70/month but there’s also a line rental saver option. This sees you paying £172.20 up front for 12 months line rental. This is equivalent to paying £14.35/month, so if you’ve got the spare cash, you can save around £30. 

The free TalkTalk SIMs start rolling out as BT announces that it’s putting in a bid for EE. If BT is allowed to go ahead, it’ll be able to accelerate plans for an inside-out mobile network – using enhanced wireless routers to act as mini mobile masts in the home. 

CEO Dido Harding recently revealed that TalkTalk was heading down the same path, using femtocells to plug coverage gaps in customers homes. 

Almost 350,000 people have taken TalkTalk Mobile, which uses O2’s signal, since its launch in 2012. EE is the UK’s biggest mobile network, with 24.5 million customers. 


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