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TalkTalk launches SimplyBroadband: £2.50 a month, broadband-only

TalkTalk has taken the wraps off of SimplyBroadband, a low-cost broadband-only package that costs just £2.50/month plus line rental. 

The new entry level package does not come with any standard calls included, making it an attractive option for customers who rarely make landline calls. For what it’s worth, you get free landline calls to other TalkTalk customers and you can add Anytime calls to UK landlines for an extra £5.50/month.

Combined with the standard rate of line rental (£15.40/month) you pay £17.90/month for unlimited usage, no hidden download caps or traffic shaping. 

Customers who want to save money in the long term can opt for the Value Line Rental option by paying a lump sum of £114 in advance. This saves you £70.80 a year and is equivalent to paying £9.50/month instead of the usual rate. As TalkTalk SimplyBroadband requires you to sign up for 12 months minimum it’s a good idea. 

TalkTalk executive commercial director Tristia Harrison reveals that the product launched off the back of customer demand for a broadband-only package:

“Our customers told us they wanted a broadband-only option, so by stripping out the calling bundle we’re bringing the cost down even further, allowing them to enjoy everything the internet has to offer at the lowest price around.

“We’re also the only provider to offer totally unlimited broadband across all of packages. The average TalkTalk home downloads 25GB a month so unlike with other providers, customers won’t have to worry about being caught out by out-dated download limits.”

TalkTalk launches SimplyBroadband: £2.50 a month, broadband-only
Broadband for the price of a pint plus line rental

TalkTalk reckons that SimplyBroadband offers the best value for money unlimited service. Compared to the total prices of comparable entry-level packages, where no calls or a basic call service is offered, SimplyBroadband is the cheapest going.

BT’s Broadband Unlimited (£31.45/month), Sky’s Unlimited & Talk Weekends (£24.50/month) and Virgin’s Broadband 30Mbps (£22.50/month) are all more expensive than the total monthly cost for TalkTalk SimplyBroadband. 

Of course this comparison ignores other benefits such as the option of Sky TV and Virgin Media’s faster speeds. 

The top speeds achievable by customers on TalkTalk’s ADSL connections are now 16Mbps following improvements to the network. TalkTalk Fibre is available with SimplyBroadband for an extra £10/month which provides top download speeds of 38Mbps. This would take the total price with standard line rental to £27.90/month, which is more in line with the competition’s prices. 

Whichever option you go for you get TalkTalk’s HomeSafe security software built in and TalkTalk’s latest wireless router thrown in for free. 


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