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TalkTalk nets most complaints in Ofcom report, Sky least moaned about

TalkTalk has yet again topped Ofcom’s villain’s roster of most complained about ISP for broadband service.

The popular service provider which recently launched its YouView-powered TalkTalk TV platform racked up 0.42 complaints per 1,000 customers between April and June this year, putting it above the industry average of 0.24.

Sky received the least complaints in the last quarter – 0.10 per 1,000 customers – with Virgin Media following closely with 0.15.

TalkTalk nets most complaints in Ofcom report, Sky least moaned about

Despite TalkTalk again winning the Ofcom equivalent of the Golden Raspberry theses results reflect that there is a general decrease in complaints received by TalkTalk.

Compared to this time last year, TalkTalk racked up 0.58 complaints per 1,000 customers. In the first three months of 2012, this figure fell to 0.56.

TalkTalk: Slowly but surely getting better

This trend has continued since October 2010 despite high spikes in some months – on the whole it looks like TalkTalk is making good on promises to improve its customer services.

TalkTalk has been quick to point out that the April-June 2012 period has been its best yet for complaints.

“TalkTalk received its lowest ever number of complaints about landline and broadband services,” a spokesperson told us. “There were 35 per cent fewer landline complaints compared with the same quarter last year, while broadband complaints fell 28 per cent. We recognise that there is still work to do and we are continually pushing through improvements. Technical faults are fixed faster, more support is being offered when customers move house, and our online support system, which now accounts for 70 per cent of customer contacts, is being further enhanced. We’ll strive to continually offer great value to our five million customers.”

Part of Ofcom’s research methodology requires an ISP to have a market share of at least 4 per cent and generate at least 30 complaints a month.

TalkTalk nets most complaints in Ofcom report, Sky least moaned about

This is why you might not see some smaller ISPs included in Ofcom’s complaint reports. ISPs like Plusnet, O2 and Be Broadband are big enough to be included in the report, so while Sky might be the least complained about in this report, other ISPs are perhaps notable by their absence.

Ofcom’s report also includes figures for complaints of fixed-line phone and pay TV which we’ll update with shortly.


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