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TalkTalk tops Ofcom complaints league table again

TalkTalk has topped Ofcom’s league table for complaints for the first quarter of 2012. Taking in figures for the last quarter of 2011, published in March 2012, that makes it the second time that TalkTalk has topped Ofcom’s rogue’s gallery for complaints this year.

Though the UK’s third biggest ISP has racked up the most complaints, the numbers reflect an overall trend which shows that complaints about TalkTalk are generally on the decrease (0.56 per 1,000 customers, down from 0.61 three months ago).

TalkTalk tops Ofcom complaints league table again

Golden child of the Ofcom Complaints Premier League is Sky, receiving fewer complaints (0.15 per 1,000) followed by Virgin Media (0.17) with Orange (0.37) and BT (0.38) making up the rest.

Ofcom also looked into complaints in the Pay TV market in its report, with BT Vision racking up the most moans.

TalkTalk tops Ofcom complaints league table again

Over a six month period from October last year to this March, BT Vision racked up a higher percentage of complaints – 0.38 to 0.27 – than Sky (0.03) and Virgin Media (0.08/0.07). Ofcom’s report says the complaints were “partly driven by issues related to their sales processes and problems with billing,” rather than the service itself.

Note that the data for this report only comes from complaints that customers have chosen to report to Ofcom. Even then, only ISPs with a market share of more than 4 per cent which generate more than 30 complaints a month will be included in these surveys; hence why Plusnet, O2, Be Broadband and the rest don’t figure in the results.

As such, Ofcom’s Telecoms Complaints reports can only give a partial picture of complaints relating to any provider. 


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