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The Cloud brings free WiFi to the beach

Great Yarmouth Borough Council has struck a deal with wireless internet provider The Cloud to provide free WiFi across the seaside town. 

The town hopes this will provide a boost for the local economy with free WiFi with people staying in the town longer, encouraging people to shop, eat out and spend more time there. 

The scheme was made possible when Great Yarmouth Borough Council decided to implement its own wireless CCTV system rather than leasing a fibre network. The new wireless system has significantly cut running costs as well as introducing the new free internet services.

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Oh I do like to be beside the WiFi-de

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Jonathan Newman, Great Yarmouth’s Town Centre Manager and General Manager of the Community Safety Company, said: “CCTV is crucial to our commitment to providing a safe visitor experience in our town centre, and the wireless network ensures the long term viability of this scheme.”

“The added benefit of being able to make free WiFi available further improves the offer that Great Yarmouth makes to its consumers whilst providing a potential boost for the local economy with visitors being directed to the Great Yarmouth tourism mobile website which promotes local businesses and facilities.”

Vince Russell, Managing Director at The Cloud, said: “We’re seeing demand for WiFi constantly increase – usage on our network nationwide has doubled in the last 12 months, for example – and Great Yarmouth is another great example of a forward-thinking town offering a fast WiFi, giving local businesses a new opportunity to engage with their customers, whilst also saving money by running a vital public service on the network.”


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