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Virgin Media bringing free unlimited public WiFi to Birmingham

Virgin Media Business has announced it’s bringing free unlimited public WiFi to Birmingham city centre. 

In September, free WiFi will arrive in key parts of the city including Victoria Square, New Street, Moor Street, High Street, St Philip’s Cathedral and the plaza in front of the new Library of Birmingham. 

The move comes after terms of the Super Connected Cities fund were reshuffled, which means that city elders can’t now spend money on fibre broadband rollout

Virgin Media bringing free unlimited public WiFi to Birmingham

Read Recombu Digital’s guide to Super-Connected Cities and the Urban Broadband FundCouncillor James McKay, cabinet member for a green, safe and smart city, Birmingham City Council, says: “It will bring enhanced high-speed mobile broadband coverage for more people, and the free Virgin Media Business WiFi zone in the city centre will help bridge the digital divide for those who are otherwise unable to access such services.”

Virgin Media will be setting up WiFi access points in ‘street furniture,’ or lamp posts and traffic lights to you and me. Next time you see a CCTV camera in Birmingham, smile because you could be close to some free WiFi.

As well as giving those without decent broadband access are wireless lifeline, Virgin Media Business will also be setting up small 3G and 4G cells across the city. These promise to improve mobile phone and broadband reception in the city.

Trials of this still ongoing and it’s not yet known which of the UK’s mobile networks will make use of this asset. 

Kevin Baughan, director of wireless, Virgin Media Business, says: “By enabling the deployment of small cell technologies, we’re transforming the mobile broadband experience and ensuring that Birmingham stays on the leading edge of digital connectivity. 

“This means that residents, visitors and businesses will gain access to a superfast mobile services and an unlimited free WiFi service in the city centre for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We’re very proud to be a key part in meeting the digital goals and aspirations of Birmingham City Council.” 

Virgin Media Business has also launched free public WiFi in Leeds and Bradford


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