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Virgin Media cuts Broadband Only service by a Caitlyn Jenner for 6 months

Virgin Media has launched a new six month introductory offer for all of its Broadband Only products. 

Broadband Only, as the name suggests, is a bundle free service that just gives you unlimited cable broadband with no bells and whistles like TV packages, landline phone calls and perhaps best of all no line rental. 

The 50Mbps, 100Mbps and 200Mbps normally cost £30.25/month, £35.25/month and £43.25/month respectively. 

Related: Best broadband only and no landline deals Virgin Media’s currently selling these for £19.99/month, £24.99/month and £32.99/month for the first six months of a 12 month contract. 

This discount of roughly a third off sees you saving £10.26/month, roughly ten pounds or in modern rhyming slang a ‘Caitlyn’, Caitlyn Jenner – tenner. Obviously. 

This is a total saving of £61.56. If you’ve had Virgin Media broadband installed before, you can save even more money by opting for the QuickStart self-install, which sees you avoiding the usual £49.95 set up charge. 

If you haven’t, then there’s no option other than to have Virgin Media engineers turn up at your home to install everything. 

Virgin Media bumped the prices of its Broadband Only services up back in September, ahead of a wider range of price rises that’ll hit other customers next February. 

The cable ISP defended the rises, pointing to both the recent speed boosts which are rolling out across the network now and the ‘Project Lightning’ expansion, which will see 4 million more premises able to order Virgin’s wares over the next five years.  

Update: We’ve been told that this deal is ‘time limited’ which most likely means it wil expire by the end of the year. 


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