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Virgin Media claims customers saved £1.2 million with SmartCall apps

Virgin Media has claimed that its broadband and phone customers have saved over £1.2 million with its SmartCall WiFi app. 

More than three million minutes of free calls have been made by customers, who downloaded the SmartCall app, since it launched last October

The app allows users to make calls over WiFi using the minutes they have in their Virgin Media home phone package. If you’ve got unlimited minutes to UK landlines and 0870 and 0845 numbers in your phone plan, with the SmartCall app, you can use these numbers instead of your regular monthly minuites from O2, Vodafone or whoever you’re with. 

Virgin Media claims customers saved £1.2 million with SmartCall apps
Who you gonna call? SmartCall lets you tap into unused Virgin Media landline minutes wherever there’s WiFi

Joe Lathan, director of Broadband and Home Phone at Virgin Media, said: “Whether it is a parent making a SmartCall home when working abroad or the kids using WiFi to save their pre-pay minutes, using our free app is a smart call. 

“This gives Virgin Media customers another way to harness the power of their superfast broadband when at home and take the value of their landline with them wherever they go in the world.”

Because SmartCall is essentially a VoIP-based system – it makes voice calls over the internet – you can use it to call hom from anywhere in the world, provided you’re connected to WiFi. 

Virgin Media says that roughly 670,000 calls have been made from across the globe, including Australia and the US. 

As well as letting people call UK numbers for less, Virgin Media says that SmartCall conversations were around 80 per cent longer than standard mobile calls at 4.5 minutes. 

iPhone owners are currently the keenest users of SmartCall with 45 per cent of users calling via the iOS app, followed by Samsung users at 37 per cent. 

Virgin Media’s claims of a £1.2 million saving are based on a typical cost of a call made out of a tariff’s allowance being 40p/minute, the idea being that you would use SmartCall when you’d exceeded your monthly allowance of minutes. 


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