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Virgin Media Cloud lets you stream downloaded movies on TiVo

Virgin Media’s cloud service now lets TiVo customers stream movies from their online lockers. 

The newly-revamped Virgin Media Cloud service gives customers a free 5GB of cloud space to play with, which they can fill with their photos, movies and music. You can upload content to your Virgin Media Cloud locker from your desktop, phone or tablet, making it a convenient way to enjoy family snaps and holiday videos shot on your phone. 

Of course, if you want to watch any video files of a legally dubious origin, there’s nothing stopping you from doing that either – it should happily play any file in your possession.  

As well as overhauling the look and feel of the old service and introducing branding consistent with TiVo’s purple colour scheme, a Virgin Media Cloud app is now also available to Windows Phone users. The existing iOS, Android, PC and Mac apps now benefit from the same visual refresh. 

Related: Virgin Media says multi-TB drives are not the future, it’s all about the cloudAarne Aho, Executive Director at Virgin Media said: “We built our Virgin Media Cloud app from the ground up so customers can show off their pictures, videos and playlists through TiVo as easily as changing channel.” 

To make use of the service you’ll need to have a Virgin Media Cloud account set up. The company offers subscribers 5GB free, even if they aren’t the named account holder, but more space will cost you – and it doesn’t come cheap.

£3.99/month will get you 50GB, while £5.99/month will give you a roomier 100GB. For those with large photo and HD video collections, there’s a £13.99/month option that gives you 250GB and for those with really big trousers there’s £26.99/month bundle which gives you 500GB. 

Compared to Kim Dotcom’s Mega service, which serves up 50GB for free and 500GB for €9.99/month (£7.10), this might not seem like a good deal, but the unique selling point here is easy access to files in your living room. Folks who don’t want the hassle of having to set up a NAS drive might appreciate the convenience that the new-look Virgin Media Cloud service offers. 

Spokespeople for the cable firm have confirmed that you’ll be able to play back most media files on your TV, but we’ve yet to see an official list of supported formats. 

To access Virgin Media Cloud on your TV, hit Home on the remote, go to Apps and Games, All Apps and select the Virgin Media Cloud tile to enter your login details. 


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